A new company that safely/

efficiently handles and unloads equipment

Operating hydraulic lifting tailgates, 

fixed bridges, wing-opening car compartments, etc.


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Excellent quality and credibility, won the industry and new and old customers of the favor

Dongguan Giant Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an emerging enterprise that specializes in providing safe and efficient handling equipment for modern logistics. The company mainly produces and operates automobile hydraulic lifting tail plates, fixed boarding bridges, and wing-opening car carriages. Customers provide logistics equipment solutions and logistics equipment maintenance services.

Dongguan Giant follows the business tenet of customer first and quality first. Excellent quality and reputation have won the favor of industry professionals, new and old customers. The company has a professional team with rigorous work style, hard work, and superb skills. The management personnel of each department are professionals with many years of experience in the logistics equipment industry. 


New truck tailboard products launched


New lifting platform products launched


New wing open compartment products launched


New on-board axle products launched


New car tailgate products launched

  • Tail plate manufacturer certificate
  • Patent for truck tailboard
  • Honors of Automobile Tail Panel
  • Qualification of Wing Opening Carriage
  • Qualification Certificate
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the case Truck plate


An emerging enterprise that specializes in providing safe and efficient handling and loading equipment for modern logistics.


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for modern logistics

A new company that efficiently handles 

and unloads equipment

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